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The 7 Best Establishments for Australian Cuisine in Singapore

Treat your taste buds to a bite from the Land Down Under. Here are 7 of the best places for Australian cuisine in Singapore from veggie cafes to steakhouses.

Australian cuisine, in so many ways, tends to emulate its British counterparts to the west, loading up breakfast plates full of hardy meats, thick spreads over toast, and freshly grilled vegetables. And while Oz does not have the reputation that other international cuisines tend to garner, Australian cuisine in Singapore is one of the city’s most underrated treats. 

Between a unique coffee culture that rivals that of Milan and plenty of cafes and restaurants that cater to vegans, paleos, and all those in-between, Australian cuisine caters to palates of all tastes and textures.

If you want to dip your taste buds into some authentic vegemite or barramundi or even sip on a delicious meal, we have you covered. This guide will help you find the best Australian cuisine in Singapore, from vegetarian-friendly cafes to protein-packed steakhouses. 

What Is Australian Cuisine?

Like its British influences, Australian cuisine tends to take advantage of its abundance of meat to fill pies and breakfast platters that give you your protein fix. One of Australia’s most cherished pastimes is the sausage sizzle, a get-together where Aussies combine grilled sausage (snags), fried onions, and tomato sauce on bread for a savoury sandwich.

Being from an island, seafood is also a major part of Australia’s cuisine, including its famous pan-fried barramundi. Of course, you’ll find all kinds of fish, from salmon to lobster, offered on any restaurant menu. 

Indigenous ingredients like bush tomatoes and kangaroo meat also play a role, creating a unique fusion that combines the island’s native influences with those of its current inhabitants.

Of course, no discourse on Australian cuisine is complete without mention of vegemite, a vegetable and yeast spread typically eaten with toast. 

Most Popular Australian Dishes in Singapore

Go to any authentic Australian cafe or restaurant and you’re bound to run into one of these native treats in Singapore.

  • Meat Pie: An iconic Aussie classic, meat pies are savoury delights encased in flaky pastry filled with a hearty mixture of minced meat, gravy, and spices.

  • Pavlova: A dessert masterpiece, pavlova features a crisp meringue shell crowned with whipped cream and fresh fruits, offering a delightful contrast of textures.

  • Salmon: Grown locally on the western shores, salmon is a hearty staple of Australian cuisine you can find at just about any cafe or restaurant. 

  • Pumpkin: Unlike their British counterparts, Ozzies tend to utilize pumpkin a lot in their dishes, including dishes as varied as vegan pumpkin steak. 

  • Vegemite on Toast: A breakfast staple, Vegemite is a yeast extract spread known for its salty, umami flavour. Australians love it spread thinly on buttered toast.

  • Barramundi: A popular Australian fish, barramundi is often grilled or pan-fried, showcasing its delicate flavour and firm texture.

  • Lamingtons: These sponge cake squares coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut are a sweet treat enjoyed across Australia.

Australian Beverages

In addition to its diverse dishes, Australians have distinct preferences when it comes to beverages. Coffee is a national obsession, with a strong coffee culture that includes favorites like flat whites and long blacks. 

Craft beers, with a burgeoning industry producing a wide range of brews, also hold a special place in the hearts of many Australians. Of course, classic Australian drinks like bitters, often enjoyed as a refreshing non-alcoholic option, and native wines are a major part of Aussie culture. 

Luckily, there are dozens of restaurants and cafes that offer 100% authentic Australian cuisine and drinks all across Singapore. To help you find the best Australian cuisine in Singapore, we’ve narrowed down our list to seven different restaurants and cafes that cater to all types of preferences, from traditional establishments to modern fusion restaurants. 

7 Best Australian Cafes and Restaurants

There is truly nothing more authentically Aussie than grabbing a coffee and some toast from an Australian cafe. With locations at 5 Stanley Street and Robertson Quay, Carrotsticks and Cravings offers nutritious vegetarian and vegan options that include red shakshouka, pumpkin steak, and ‘Make Your Own Salmon’ platters. 

Of course, you can always stop in to enjoy a traditional flat white, healthy juice, or handmade smoothie to get your day started. 

Named after the native Australian city, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse serves up delicious cuts of USDA black angus and lots of delicious seafood dishes for a traditional surf and turf. There are also plenty of vegetarian options, as well as delicious desserts and drinks for a fun-filled get-together in the heart of Singapore. 

Located in Dempsey Hill, Terra Madre is an organic, Australian cafe, restaurant, and retail store that offers clean food and delicious drinks. Enjoy traditional flat whites during the day and delicious lamb chops at night, all served with 100% organic ingredients. The takeaway store also lets you buy organic ingredients to whip up your own healthy Aussie meals right at home. 

Considered one of the best restaurants in Singapore, Burnt Ends offers authentic Australian barbecue with a menu that rotates daily. Enjoy dishes as diverse as a flat iron steak with bone marrow, marmalade beef, and local quail eggs. 

For a modern take on native Aussie cuisine, check out Symmetry,  located on the east side of Kampong Glam. This wide and spacious restaurant features a fully stocked bar and a warm atmosphere, where you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals as varied as acai grain bowls, duck leg confit, lobster nachos, and lamb shakshouka. 

Founded by two Australian-based Singaporeans, The Whole Kitchen offers healthy, sugar-free, and gluten-free baked snacks and Aussie bites to Singapore. With cafes located throughout the city, patrons can enjoy gluten-free snacks, such as grain bowls, sandwiches, and much more!

Finally, Cafe Melba offers a family-friendly atmosphere with some classic Aussie staples. Enjoy salmon over toast, house-made Melba fries, and a traditional latte while you’re here. 

Be sure to stop by any of these Australian restaurants and cafes to discover the best of what the Land Down Under has to offer the Garden City. 

FAQs: Australian Cuisine

What are some popular Australian beverages?

Australians have a penchant for quality coffee, with a rich coffee culture that includes classics like flat whites. Craft beers have also gained popularity, offering a diverse range of options. Additionally, traditional Australian drinks like bitters contribute to the unique beverage landscape.

How has Australian cuisine evolved in Singapore?

Australian cuisine has evolved in Singapore through the introduction of iconic dishes, such as meat pies and Aussie BBQ experiences. The culinary landscape in Singapore now boasts a range of Australian-Asian fusion delights, showcasing the diversity and richness of Australian flavours. 

What are the key ingredients in Australian fusion dishes?

Key ingredients in Australian-Asian fusion dishes include bush spices, kangaroo meat, fresh seafood, and a creative use of Indigenous flavours. These elements come together to create a unique culinary adventure, blending the best of Australian and Asian influences.


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